Monday, June 7, 2010

Wedding 5-29-10

Wedding of Ryan and Adrea 5-29-10
First we went and took some photos of the groom and the groomsmen.  These are some of my favorite captures of the groom.
The graffiti adds that certain something, I think.
Just for fun I asked if we was going to jump, and he did!
The ceremony on the bridge was beautiful and a bit chilly, but at least it didn't rain!
Just announced as Mr and Mrs for the first time.
The happy couple
Thoughtfully looking over the Yellowstone River.

The cake.
(p.s. I like all of these in color as well, guess the black and white classic look is appealing to me today.)


  1. The looks of love - wow!!! Very good capture!

  2. Guess the groom wasn't afraid to take a leap of faith... Congratulations to the couple!

  3. Nope, he was a lot of fun laughing a joking. It was a beautiful ceremony.