Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Senior Photo Session-- Kenna

Oh my gosh!  What fun we had with this, my first senior photo session!  Kenna is a fun, full of life, beautiful young woman.  I'm not sure how she and her parents will choose!  I can hardly choose which are my favorites!
I went today and met with Kenna and her mother for a first look at the best of our photos, 88 favorite photos is far too many to narrow down!  Here's my attempt to pick a few.
Kenna had some great ideas of places to go for her photo shoot.  We found some wonderful backdrops around town.

Her mom came along and helped with places and outfits as well as doing her best to get real smiles.  Kenna has a very natural pretty smile.

Nearly every photo is frame worthy..... when you have a pretty face and a bubbling personality, it shines through and jumps right off the screen!

You should have seen her mom when she climbed up this downed I-beam and over a plie of unstable bricks  to reach this cool door!  Her mom said she lost 10 years of her life!  I say ya gotta do what ya gotta do to get THE shot! :)

Contemplating the rest of her life.  A train soon passed right behind her and the engineer or conductor threw water on her.... rude!

She balanced precariously on the back of a chair for this photo.

After slipping and nearly falling into the river, she was washing her hands off in the running water when I saw how nicely the trees framed her.

She really is a beauty!

OK so I played with this one quite a bit, but I like the outcome.
I'm so glad that I had the opportunity to take this beautiful young woman's senior photos!


  1. hope she loves them all and just HAS to have them all! Great job sis!

  2. NICE photos and thanks for hopping by my blog! :-) New follower here.